Hello. I’m Rachael. A photojournalist by trade. A passionate dreamer by nature. A lover of wine, cheese, shoes and rainbow farts. Art and humor go hand in hand in my daily repertoire.

Life is a journey and deserves to be documented. Photography is a way to capture those moments that deserve to be remembered. I’m an international award-winning photographer who began my photography business in the Chicago area two decades ago. I’ve since photographed over five hundred weddings in the Midwest (Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, Indiana, Minnesota, Kentucky, Kansas, Missouri), Arizona, California, Florida, Maryland, Nevada, Hawaii and Greece. Over the years my wedding clientele has commissioned baby and family portraits, some sitting for dozens of sessions as their families blossom. My network has grown to include corporate clients with needs for headshots, product and environmental photography.

I currently reside in Southern California and travel back to Chicago upon client request.

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